The Move

Upon arriving at our house, we immediately began unpacking.  The guys (Josh, his brother & nephews and my dad) unloaded the rest of the Uhaul as my mom and I balanced watching the kids with unpacking what we could.

Even though it pains me to share these pictures because of the mess, I know I will want the before pictures on the blog, so here goes!
living room
As the rest of us unloaded and unpacked, my saint of a sister-in-law continued painting, finishing the last colored wall of the house.  By the time she left, the entire house was neutral and my carpets were totally crawling-baby friendly.

coat closet
the kitchen
the kitchen
the office/laundry room
the office/laundry room
Aunt Julie even let Jack & Logan give it a go painting.  Seriously, best aunt ever!

This baby handled the entire move beautifully.  It helped that we had extra hands on deck for the first few days.

the master bedroom
the master bedroom
the master bathroom
the main bathroom
the main bathroom
the dining room
The mess of unpacking got (a lot) worse before it got better.  But we are slowly getting there.  I'd say by September I should be ready to share some "after" pictures.  That first weekend, my mom and dad worked tirelessly to scrub every inch of our kitchen and I cleaned the main bathroom top to bottom.  Josh got the garage up and running and he and my dad tackled countless projects to get the house in good working order. 

There are many, many things I am grateful for in our new house. (So many, in fact, that I started a list on day two of living here and almost hit 100 things!) ...but one of the things that has me most excited is this dishwasher! Five years of living in rural Alaska with no dishwasher, having one is sure a luxury I don't take for granted. 
The dishes in this picture were a gift I am also really grateful for.

Somehow we managed to perfectly mix working our butts off unpacking with making special memories while my parents were here.  I was so thankful they were here to help us settle in, and also thankful they got to see where we are settling.  It was really hard to see them go.

A large majority of our first days were spent running to and from local stores.  Walmart and Lowe's in particular.  I was happy to wear sweet Carly, who now at six months, fits like a dream in my Ergo from Wyatt.  My favorite is when she falls asleep in it. She's such a squish!

This week Josh spent just one day back in his classroom preparing for the start of school.  Next week he goes back full time.  I am going to miss him so much, but I think we are all ready for a normal routine after so much happy chaos this summer.  In the meantime, we are rushing to get the rest of the boxes unpacked so we can settle easily into the new school year.

I'll have a few days with the kids to myself before they all start school and I am looking forward to those special days as well.  I know the house buying (closing a few days late and all that) was bumpy, but I am so grateful to have it all finished in time for Josh and the kids to start school.  That was our ultimate goal and I feel lucky to have reached it.


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