Lucky Number Thirteen

The morning of our anniversary I passed Josh hurriedly to get to the kitchen and he said casually, "Happy Anniversary!" I stopped dead in my tracks and admitted, "I had no idea. I totally forgot!" Josh laughed and said, "Better you than me!"

That night he brought me flowers and a note that said doing life with me is the best. I sure love that guy.

It's been a long year.  Last year we were prepping for a school year spent apart. Josh packing and planning and checking flights to rural Alaska.  Me praying and worrying and crying at the thought of being apart.  Now all those days are behind us, and we're settling in to our new life in Moses Lake.  The house is coming along, nearly all the boxes in the house are unpacked, and the kids have definitely settled into a routine.  We're enjoying being all together for this last bit of time before Josh heads off to work and the kids head off to school.  

In thirteen years of marriage we've sure had some adventures, but I think the one we've just embarked on, where we sit down for dinner with our four kids every night at the beloved table in our dining room, is my favorite.


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Vicki Misner said...

Hope your new home with your family brings you peace, happiness and love.