Soap Lake

I knew once we settled in the house that I'd immediately want to start exploring our new area.  Leaving Vancouver behind meant leaving not only loved ones, but also our beloved places.  And I want to find new favorites here in our new hometown.  One of the things on that list, which is growing everyday, was Soap Lake.

Soap lake is a mineral lake unlike any other in the world.  The minerals make the water super buoyant and leave you feeling oily when you get out.  Many people dig down into the water to find a thick, sulferous mud to rub on themselves, touting its medicinal powers.  We did not partake in the mud tradition, but the boys had fun swimming and playing around on the shores.  

Unfortunately the minerals make you more prone to sunburn post-swimming, and the water makes you more prone to rashes, as proven when Logan got home and showered.  Will we go back to Soap Lake? I think yes.  I loved how beautiful it was there, and how close it is to home.  But I didn't love the smell (think rotten eggs mixed with poo) or the way the water felt. 

Overall, though, it was a good day with great memories for us to put down in the books.



Holly said...

Hmm interesting! It looks shallow too. Well, memories were made at least ;)

Ashley B said...

What an interesting lake. So happy for you getting out there and exploring your new town - we're at almost four years living here and I feel like we really haven't scratched the surface. Need to make that more of a priority for sure.
P.S. You look awesome in that bathing suit, mama! :)