The Time We Grew Some Butterflies

Back in the spring, the boys and I ordered some caterpillars and learned all about the butterfly life cycle.  The caterpillars grew SO fast (!!!) and before we knew, it they were dangling on the lid of their little food box, ready to go into the butterfly enclosure. 

So we carefully relocated them, adding some baby oranges and sugar water for them to eat, and waited.  A few days later, they started emerging.  (Some of the red drops you see is from their emerging process.)

And a few days after that, we set them free.

The whole process was really simple and very exciting.


Portia said...

WAIT ! WHAT? That looks like blood. It came from them emerging from the cocoon? Do you suppose it hurts? I never thought about it...it's just one of those miracles you kind of take for granted. You know it's a miracle, of course, but you don't think much about the details. But now I'm intrigued. Thanks!

Winter Buckeyes said...

Very cool. I hatched butterflies in 4th grade with my class and in third grade we raised chickens. What is your favorite thing about living within Alaska if I may ask? I have to agree with Portia on if it hurts the butterflies to emerge from their cocoons. Butterfly is Farasha in Arabic.