Around Here: Week 38

{Photo credit: Logan}

Daydreaming... about a yard with no pokey weeds!  Josh is working this week to make it happen!

Feeling... grateful that my boys have such an awesome dad.  Every day after work he comes home and plays outside with them in the huge field next door.  The boys love it, and so do I.  Melts my mama heart.

Hating... my tiny mohawk.  Every time I have a baby, I lose tons of hair, and about six months later, it starts growing back.  I have shoots of one inch hairs everywhere.  Along my hairline, where my hair parts and by my ears. It's just the worst. Luckily Miss Carly May was worth it.

Thankful... that while Wyatt has been sad a few times at drop off, he hasn't screamed or refused to enter the classroom since that first time. Baby steps, baby steps.

Settling... into a new routine with the boys gone. A nice mix of work, work, work, and doing what I enjoy.  Hoping to get more blogging done as I continue adjusting.  Meanwhile, I am baking all the things-- homemade bread, zucchini bread & cookies. Yum!

Jumping... on the trampoline everyday after school with the boys. We all laugh and I cherish those moments.

Falling... in love with the sky here. Even Logan took notice of the sunset last night and used my good camera to capture it. I love that I'm passing my love of nature on to my kids.

Making... the most of the nice weather.  It's crisp in the mornings, but not yet cold, so we're still walking to school and I'm so glad.  I think it's good for the boys, but I also know that I feel more alive after our walk.

Enjoying... Josh's parents visit last weekend.  It was such a nice, low key weekend.  We really had a great time.  I am also enjoying the twins' love of reading.  Part of their homework is twenty minutes of silent reading every night.  They are zipping through chapter books and really loving it.  I couldn't be prouder.

Looking Forward... to my parents' visit.  They get here today, but my kids don't know they're coming.  We are hoping they'll make it in time to accompany me to pick the boys up at school & surprise them there! I can't wait to see their faces.

Sleeping... very little.  Sister is up at least every two hours in the night, and I.am.exhausted.


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Ashley B said...

That postpartum hairloss and then regrowth is crazy, isn't it? Totally with you there!