Around Here: Week 39

Enjoying... two coffee dates with new friends this week. I am so, so grateful for the MOPS group here and mama's willing to take a chance on a new friend.

Super Proud... of all my boys.  They're adjusting beautifully to school and (best news!) Wyatt didn't cry all week!

Walking... the boys to & from school everyday. I am so grateful for this extended summer weather.  We are soaking it all up!

Watching... the debate earlier this week and Season 5 of Call The Midwives.  Gosh I love that show.

Laughing... every time I put Carly's Halloween costume wig on her. She's going to be a Cabbage Patch doll, and I think it's absolutely hysterical!

Reading... Fervent by Priscilla Shirer. It's my first time doing an audio tape, and it makes such great use of my walking time when on my way home or on my way to pick up the boys.  I have a feeling it's just the first of many!

Organizing... the master bedroom. I sorted through all our clothes, hung them in the closet accordingly, and sorted through both Wyatt & Carly's clothes in preparation for fall & winter.  Feeling on top of my game there!

Enjoying... surprising the boys with my parents' arrival last weekend. And looking forward to more family this weekend!  It's so fun to show off our new house and bits & pieces of our lives here.  Feeling especially grateful for living within driving distance after years separated by plane after plane.

Celebrating... Carly turning 8 months old. She's still exclusively nursed, but is getting really good at eating her baby food.  She's not a sleeper, and we spend a few nights a week on the couch together.  Her two little bottom teeth are adorable, but also break my heart cause she isn't a newborn anymore!  That said, she's getting really fun to interact with.  This week she's started trying to clap and it's the cutest darn thing.

Busting... my butt! I worked so hard last weekend, along with Josh and my dad, to get our front flower bed (which is full of pokey rose bushes) weeded and tidied so Josh could lay down bark. It looks SO good now!  As  reward, my mom bought me a new front door mat, and it makes our random orange front door look on purpose. Ha!

Saying goodbye... to a loved one who was a grandma in my heart, if not by blood.  So many memories in my head... eating butterscotch discs from her candy jar; her touching my just-painted nails to her lips to see if they were dry; the exotic indian painting she always had hanging in her house like a Mona Lisa.  I am so happy for her that she's been reunited with not only Grandpa Bob, but also her son Rick.  It puts a smile on my face to imagine them all together again.

Suffering... a cold, along with Logan & Wyatt. It's pretty miserable.  I know it's par for the course with three kids in school, but I am so over all of us being sick!

Asking... for help collecting picture books for Josh's class.  He has a plethora of chapter books, but not nearly enough picture books.  If you have any on your shelves collecting dust, his classroom would greatly appreciate the donation! Contact me at rcunningham18@hotmail.com for an address.  We so appreciate your generosity!



Tabitha Studer said...

gah! the happiness on the boys' faces from their grandma surprise!! So happy for you guys to be only a drive away from the family you love so much! Carly is a little nugget of squishy love in every single pic - can't.handle.it. How fun 8months old is, I'm so surprised how fast it's going over here for #4...I swear these fourth babies are growing faster than all the others. waaaahhh.

Ashley B said...

Ahh, Tab beat me to it - Carly is too much! I ADORE the 6-9 month stage. My babies were always healthily chunky, not too mobile and just so happy and it looks like sweet baby girl is much the same!

Also hoping your big guys are feeling better. This public school yuck is something else, isn't it?!