Favorite Things

A few of my favorite things...

Birch trees, always & in all forms
The teenage boy who took the time to say, "Your baby is beautiful," as we passed on the sidewalk
A lone feather in the grass
Frost-covered wishies
Leaves lining the walk
A friend over for chatting & her baby loving on mine
Stacks of books on my shelf, yet to read
Little teeth grins from my Carly May
Homemade tortillas
My first sip of coffee every morning
When my bigs snuggle me

I'm collecting these moment like sea glass.  Picking each one up to inspect it, feeling like the universe appointed me especially as the one to find it.  It makes me want to be the one to say the kind word, offer the smile, reach out to those around me.



Kristin in Alaska said...

homemade tortillas are amazing!

Hannah Middleton said...

I've always loved birch trees. They are so beautiful in all seasons! I'm definitely missing them out here in the land of no trees.

Ashley B said...

"I'm collecting these moments like sea glass." Love that description!