Around Here: Week 40

Stressing... about Carly's teething. She bit her little bottom teeth into her upper gums last night and was bleeding!  She's so clingy and grumpy... I want my happy girl back!  Hopefully these top teeth come in quick so we can get back to normal.

Sleeping... with a baby in my arms.  Whether in our bed or on the couch, sister and I spending a lot of quality time together at night with her teething. I'm lucky if I get a two hour stretch with her in her bed.  Thank goodness for my morning coffee!

Trying... to get Carly to fall in love with her bunny lovey.  We have it with us every time we nurse and she strokes the tags as she falls asleep. I am hopeful she loves it as much as the twins loved their loveys.

Transitioning... Carly from three naps to two naps.  It's meant the return of the witching hour (or hours, ugh, from about 4-7pm), which sucks, but I am anxious to get her on a better schedule.  With three naps, they were kind of all over the place. With two, they are much more predictable.  In the morning, on the walk home, she's napping in her stroller and I roll her into the house and into my bedroom and she sleeps at least another hour!  And after lunch time she sleeps another hour or so.  I've had to wake her up a few times now cause our appointments had been scheduled around her old schedule, and I hate it, but I'm adjusting from here on out.

Spending time... in the office (!!!) journaling, planning fall book club books & reading old journals for fun.  I love the light in there and how organized it is now. It's my new happy place!

Reading... My Grandmother Asked Me To Tell You She's Sorry by Fredrik Backman.  I'm excited to see where this story goes!

Eating... Reese's smores from the oven.  Set the stove to broil, stack the peanut butter cup on a graham cracker with a marshmallow on top and leave it in there for two minutes.  Voila! Instant family dessert. So easy!

Enjoying... the big sky around here.  I love it so much.

Splurging... on an ambulance toy for Wyatt and finding it all over the house in places where he's played.  The back doors open, and he has put all kinds of treasures back there.  I love his little imagination so much.

Wondering... when Carly is going to start crawling.  She's rolling all around lately, getting to her toys that way.  But I know crawling is coming soon.

Filling... my new hutch (thanks mom & Roxanne!) with all my pretties.  Vases and serving plates & candle holders, all so fanciful in there!  I love it.

Feeling... touched when people take the time to comment on Carly & her adorableness.  Of course I think she's precious, but I'm her mom. So to hear others comment on her eyes or sweet face warms my heart.

Laughing at... Carly falling asleep in her high chair and hearing what the boys had to say about it.  Jack thought she was just precious, and Wyatt couldn't understand how she was doing that!

Making... tortillas to use for our enchiladas Wednesday night. I haven't made tortillas since we lived in Alaska, and it was surprisingly nice to make them.  They made the most amazing enchiladas and are absolutely delicious!

Planning... meals so I feel like a good mama & wife.  We had tacos on Monday and french toast with omelets Tuesday.  I love when I know what we're doing for dinner and I love even more when the kids all eat it without complaint!

Relishing... the fall weather that arrived here with no rain in sight.  It's cool & crisp with clear blue skies, and nary a drop of rain.  We are still walking to and from school each day, and the boys are playing out in the backyard every afternoon.  It's the stuff of my dreams, I tell you!

Decorating... for Halloween.  The boys were so happy to come home to decorations and their Halloween books on the shelf.  Wyatt spent that whole afternoon on the living room floor, sifting through pumpkin books, happy as a clam.


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Ashley B said...

How precious is she asleep in her highchair?!
Just ordered the book and can't wait to read it - I hope I love it as much as A Man Called Ove!