Around Here: Week 44

Breathing... a sigh of relief after seeing Logan's pediatrician.  He's been released to regular activity and we will follow up with an EEG to monitor his brain activity, but we are thinking that his seizure was a one time event caused by a concussion from a head injury.  Praise the Lord.

Loving... everyone's reaction to Carly's Cabbage Patch costume. Oh man she was scrumptious!

Hating... Carly's teething attitude. Poor baby is GRUMPY!

Reading... Bird by Bird (still) and Believing God by Beth Moore and getting ready to start Flight Behavior, our new book club book, this weekend! Please join us on Facebook!

Laughing... that one of Josh's students dressed up as him for Halloween.  They look just alike and I think it was my favorite costume of the year!

Using... the Fiesta ware my mom sent home with us and smiling every time. It's so nice to have more plates and it's a bonus that they were my mom's, so they mean a lot to me.

Checking out... new blogs thanks to a post from my friend Ashley.  It's always refreshing to find new inspiration and I'm grateful for some coming my way this week.

Enjoying... a quick weekend trip to see my parents & everyone else back home.  It was such a great trip, even the ten hours (total) in the car were fine.  It was my first trip home since we moved in August, and I think I'm going to love living so close!!!  Sure beats four planes over twelve hours!!!

Starting... a daily gratitude post on Instagram (& Facebook) for the entire month of November.  It's so good for my soul to remember to be thankful and the daily posts are a perfect way to do just that.

Decorating... for Thanksgiving. I love November (it's my birthday month!) and the fall colors thrill me.

Impressed... with Wyatt's learning.  He is a sponge and everyday he just soaks up more knowledge. I am so proud of him, and so grateful for the amazing school he is at.

Remembering... the baby I lost two years ago.  I feel like I have finally come to peace about losing that baby, in that I no longer blame my body for the loss.  It's just part of life, and for whatever reason, that baby wasn't meant to join our family.  I am okay with that, and feel so blessed to be where I am today.


In addition to my weekly update, filling you in on life at the Cunningham ranch, I'm also going to be adding new weekly goals for the following week.  As I'm sure many of you moms can relate, the hours my kids are in school seem to pass in the blink of an eye and I'm not getting nearly as much done as I would like to be. I think being specific about what I want to accomplish each week, as well as specifying to myself what day I am going to accomplish each goal will help me not waste my precious time alone.

Next week I want to:
Blog every day
Organize my journals
Label Josh's classroom books
Open kids' bank accounts
Write back to penpals/Send pictures


Quote I'm loving:

is the root 
of all heartache."


Marilynn Raatz said...

Your hutch looks so cute!! I'm so glad you like the Fiestaware. Carly waving her hands totally reminds me and your dad of you!! I am so very thankful that Logan is recovering. We loved you all so much!

Ashley B said...

Love the addition of weekly goals...so smart!!