Around Here: Week 49

Finally... filling out our anniversary journal.  Our anniversary (13 years!) was back in August and I am just now jotting down notes about our year and ordering a picture to put in.  Every year I enjoy looking back at all the previous years and seeing how far we've come as a couple.  Adding Carly this year was pretty magical.

Sending... our Christmas cards out. I've been working on them for a few weeks now and it feels good to cross that off my list.

Carrying... a sleeping baby to and from afternoon pick up for a bunch of days in a row. Poor Carly had a runny nose and every time we were in the car, she'd pass out. So I got to relive her newborn days and enjoy her sleeping everywhere.

Giving... Wyatt nebulizer treatments to get rid of his lingering cough.  Last week his doctor said he has reactive airways which means that when he's sick, his lungs tend to bear the brunt of it.  The albuterol helps and at this point we aren't calling it asthma, but we are watching him.

Forgetting... to move Dashy (our Elf on the Shelf) twice this week. #momfail  I told the boys that he can't travel when it's really cold outside, so he stayed here where it's cozy and warm. Ha! Hopefully next week I will be more on the ball.

Bringing... Carly to bed with me in the early mornings so she won't wake Wyatt up (they share a room) and so I can get a few more zzz's before the day starts.

Attending... Josh's work Christmas party last night.  It was nice to meet his coworkers and have the chance to dress Carly up.

Enjoying... every minute of having a daughter to dress up.  Putting on her new shoes and Christmas dress from my mom (thanks, Nanny!) was like dressing up a doll.  I feel so lucky to have her!

Ordering... snow gear for the boys. (Sierra Trading Post for the win!) The snow started on Tuesday and we woke up this morning with a brand new blanket of snow, at least two more inches.  I am grateful the snow pants (for Wyatt) and boots (for the twins) that I ordered showed up yesterday and that my mom thought to order Logan and Jack's snow pants a month ago!  It's been an adjustment, dressing everyone for snow each morning before school.  Keeping track of everything is such a pain!

Reading... my favorite Christmas books.  I just finished Winter Street by Elin Hildebrand and have started Winter Stroll.  I got Winter Storms for my birthday and I can't wait to read the whole trio!

Loving... our slow mornings on the weekends.  During the week, we always hit the ground running, and it's so nice on the weekend to let the boys play Minecraft to their hearts' content (we don't do screens during the week) and to let Wyatt do all the crafts his little mind can think of.

Meditating on this gem:
Having four kids has taken a lot more juggling than three kids did.  And it's a constant adjustment, as needs change, to make sure I'm doing the best I can for them.  Remembering that God chose us for each other helps as I sometimes struggle to meet their ever changing needs.

Next Week's Goals:

  • Wrap existing Christmas presents
  • Be joyful when I see my kids
  • Blog 3x next week

Before the End of the Year Goals:

  • Do my Christmas puzzle
  • Paint my toenails (why can I never get this checked off my to do list?)
  • Read Dave Ramsey's book
  • Read Ann Voskamp's new book
  • Contemplate what goals I want to set for 2017
  • Make a book list for 2017

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