A Small Breather

I feel like a passenger on the plane of my own life.
As opposed to the pilot.  

It's been a slow realization.  One that has taken months to dawn on me.  

As things have slowed down and we've settled in to our new home and our new town, I've found that I am wasting a lot of time online.  Specifically on Facebook.  I was trying to calculate how much time I spend on social media/my phone each day, and I figure its upwards of three hours a day. Little bits here & there, and every time I nurse... it adds up. Oh how it adds up.

This is concerning to me both because that is time taken away from other things I could be doing, but also because being on social media makes me compare.  And comparison, as we know, is the thief of joy.

Because of this, I am going to take a small breather from Facebook.
Bookmark my blog, though, because I am hoping that my absence from Facebook means I'll be able to spend more time here.



Kristin in Alaska said...

I am not on Facebook; I always tell people that I don't want to be on it because people always complain about it, and there are Facebook fights that effect real life...
BUT, the real reason I'm not on Facebook is because I know that I would spend SO MUCH TIME on there...

Tabitha Studer said...

Ugh, I'm feeling you on this one. So much mindless scrolling that seriously brings me down. Good for you! I'm always checking in here at your blog anyway - so keep on writing momma! :) sending you guys love! xxoxo

Ashley B said...

I'm right there with you. Trying to remember all the lessons we learned from our Disconnect book club book (I was SO on fire for less screen time after that!) and bring that back for 2017. Getting rid of all the mindless "extras" on the Internet and keeping only the best. Like your blog of course :)