The Thing About Alaska

Since moving to central Washington (and having a record amount of snow compared to recent years) everyone says  I must be used to it because we lived in Alaska. But here's the truth.

In Alaska I didn't have to function in the snow.  I didn't have to get the children geared up every morning, loading them in the car as it defrosted, scraping the windows and driving them to school.  I didn't have to grocery shop in the snow. I didn't have to get the mail in the snow. Anything I did in the snow in Alaska was because I wanted to. If I wanted to go out and play in it, we would gear up and go out. Otherwise, I had nothing to do with the snow. 

Here, I have to function. I have to get them to school, I have to run errands, I have to run our household. Snow or no snow, life goes on. Honestly, it's very different.

So while I'm grateful my face doesn't hurt when I go outside, 
functioning in the snow is a pain all it's own!



Marilynn Raatz said...

So much snow!! It's beautiful Shelly. But all the bundling! It is so cute to see mittens on Carly!

Tabitha Studer said...

hah! That is so funny and true - when you have to get every bundled and in and out of car seats (ugh! worst!!) snowy weather is a whole other experience. hahaha. who would have thought - you left Alaska only to come into even more snow!? xxoxo sending wishes for some sunshine and melting your way!