Enjoy Your Days Before School

Dear Mama's of Younger Littles,
Enjoy the days where the days are yours.

By that I mean, enjoy the days when waking up to little feet in footy pajamas are not dictated by school drop off or pick up, or after school activities. Enjoy the slow mornings with cartoons on and cups of coffee being held with both hands. Enjoy the freedom of having days that are all yours, to do with as you please, with your children by your side.

I enjoyed those days for many, many years, but now that the three boys are in public school (instead of homeschooled) the days are anything but mine. We wake up and it's:
-get dressed
-eat breakfast
-make the bed
-brush the teeth
-do the hair
-unload the dishwasher
-do the cat box
-pack the lunch
-load the backpack
-coats on
-gloves on
-hats on
-boots on
-out the door
-in the car
-off to school.


I wouldn't trade it for anything, because my boys love school (oh thank goodness they love school) and I am enjoying the time I get one on one with Carly once we're home from drop off, but I do miss the coziness of mornings spent together, on the couch or in the playroom in Alaska with nothing on the agenda but play dough and trains.

Not everyday can be enjoyed, of course, some days are too challenging to really embrace, but try.  Try to hug today because tomorrow, things will look different.  Your kids, your routine, your life, will change. And before you know it, you'll be looking back wistfully on today, hoping you really enjoyed it.

A Mama Who Is Just One Step Ahead of You, Looking Back Longingly



H. said...

So, so true! I desperately miss those days and it wasn't that long ago for me either! ❤️

Tabitha Studer said...

xxxoxo I've loved all your recently super reflective posts on here and instagram. I always get all inward-thinking and feeling in the winter months too when we're all trapped inside together and cozy under blankies and so much snuggling. Glad to feel like I'm not alone in the nostaligic-momma mood.