Around Here: Week 6

Adulting... with things like paying bills, doing our taxes and sorting through the boys clothes to see what still fits & what doesn't.  I always hate doing stuff like that in the beginning, but by the end I feel exhilarated by the change and the feeling of accomplishment.

Feeling... nostalgic for both when the boys were all younger, and for when Carly was a baby. All the "this time last year" posts on Facebook are killing me softly.

Reading... 1000 Gifts, Believing God and just started The Lies We Believe.  Gosh, I just love reading.  It never ceases to excite me.  Especially Self Help. I'm basically a big, giant dork. ;)

Finishing... Chasers of the Light & The Memory of Light.  The Memory of Light is the best book I've read in a long time.  I could not put it down.  I also finished The Other Side of the Mountain with the twins and we started Wonder last night. I am excited to read Wonder with them, as well as the other books by Francisco Stork, who wrote The Memory of Light.

Enjoying... Bookbub. It sends you emails with great deals on Kindle downloads. (For instance, books that are normally in the $10-$15 range for .99 to $3.99.)  I recently got one that was written by one of the doctors at Auschwitz.  Haunting.

Taking pictures... of Carly in my mom's first birthday dress.  My mom and each of her sisters wore it, as well as their daughters and me and my sister.  It feels surreal to have my own daughter to put in it.

Playing... musical beds for two nights this week as a sick Josh slept on the couch, a sicker Wyatt slept in my bed, and somehow I ended up in Wyatt's bed with Carly, trying to nurse her back to sleep after an early morning wake up. I am ready for everyone to be well, and for my sleep schedule to return to normal.

Thinking... about babies.

Grateful... that my anxiety has not reared its ugly head in weeks.  The absence of it is glorious.

Being spoiled... by my sister. She sent me a box of chocolates and bath bombs, along with a note that said she sees all that I do. It made me cry. Please, girls, tell your friends you see them. Send them encouragements (and maybe chocolate)... they probably need it. I did.  Her bit of thoughtfulness reminded me that I matter, and because of that, I painted my toenails, and I bought myself a new shirt. Who knows what much needed self care a little gift could inspire!

Blending... Shakes and smoothies with my new blender, purchased in part with money from the Walmart app.  You simply download the app, scan new receipts (within 7 days of the shopping date) into Savings Catcher and Walmart searches to see if you could have gotten a better deal somewhere else. If you could have, they pay you the difference on your account, which is the same as Walmart gift card. So super easy & cool!

Looking forward... to date night, here at home. Josh, homemade pizza and The Accountant are waiting for me after bedtime tonight. Can't wait!

I had big goals for February.  I am succeeding with not swearing (!) and I have worked out everyday for two weeks. It feels amazing. Josh is doing it with me, and I think it's nice that we have each other.  I am definitely sleeping harder and feel like I have more energy.

Last week I automated all our bills. Hooray!  And we haven't eaten out so far, although (to be honest) I think Josh and I are going to get something for Valentine's day. :)

This week I would like to work on my Motherhood poem, KonMari the kitchen + wash my cupboards down.

I'm still blogging, going to bed on time and reading a ton, per my 2017 goals.

So many good things happening & getting accomplished. It makes me proud of myself.


Tabitha Studer said...

Thinking about babies? Is this something I'm reading too much into ;) Also, amazing all the goals you are maintaining! I'm inspired!!

Shelly Cunningham said...

Tab- there are no babies currently (well, except Carly) but I'm thinking about it... I just love the babies!

Ashley B said...

LOVE your sister's note to you. "I see you"...those words mean SO much, don't they? I've had my head down in survival mode since this baby arrived, but I should start peeking out to see if anyone could use that reminder too.