Around Here: Week 13

Singing... in the shower since Josh bought me these waterproof speakers on Amazon. He asked if I liked them, and I told him it was the best day of my life. I was only slightly exaggerating. I LOVE singing in the shower, and our stand up shower has the BEST acoustics. Now I can really belt it out!

Getting... excited about Logan's grades this quarter.  He has been working really hard to improve his spelling and his hand writing in particular, and his teacher and I are both so happy to see his hard work paying off!

Taking... both twins to get sealants on their teeth at the dentist. It's funny, we already hate driving to school after walking just a few days. We were all bummed to have to drive so I could get them to their appointments right after school.

Suffering... alongside Carly as she suffers from teething.  The last three days she has been completely unhappy unless she's eating, nursing or being held. It's been exhausting.

Enjoying... a fun birthday party at the gymnastic place in town with the twins.

Watching... the boys do baseball tryouts. Our life's about to get crazy with three boys on teams.

Learning... more about epilepsy in this book I got on the neurologist's recommendation.  I am only two chapters in, but it is answering a lot of questions and teaching me so much about the brain and how seizures happen. I promise to share more when I'm done reading it.

Grateful... that Logan's side effects have been quite minimal this week.  I'm praying that this trend continues.

Finding... this article online about celebrating mediocrity. I love every thing about it.

"What if I never really amount to anything when I grow up- beyond mom and sister and wife? But these people in my primary circle of impact know they are loved and I would choose them again, given the choice.  Can this be enough?"

In regards to my blog being "small beans":

"What if I don't want to write a cookbook or build a six figure business or speak before thousands? But I write because I have something to say and I invest in a small community of women I care about and encourage them to love and care for themselves well.  Because bigger isn't always better and the individual matters.  She is enough."

Gah. Go read it!

Buying... some new clothes (at Walmart, hah!) & anticipating spring days and less layers. So exciting!!!

Reading... The Gift of an Ordinary Day, still, after finishing The Girl on the Train on audio. Both are so, so good.

Wrapping up... my 21 days of gratitude.  This challenge has changed how I view my everyday and has really planted a seed of contentment in me. I highly recommend giving it a try.

Looking... forward to spring break!!!  Ready for a little down time and a little play time with my family.

Meditating on:
"Resistance creates suffering.  
Stress happens when your mind resists what is... 
The only problem in your life 
is your mind's resistance to life as it unfolds."
-Dan Millman



Eva said...

I just love your blog! I am a grandmother, mother, wife, small business owner, lover of books and life in general! I think you are a great mom and appreciate your honesty with the struggles of raising a family but also the joys of having children! I only wish we would have had people like you around when I was raising my children. Keep up the great work Shelly!

Tabitha Studer said...

Yes to that blog post about mediocrity! I have been feeling such a pull this year to slow down and not push myself to do all the things all the time. What a relief it has been (The gift of an Ordinary Day has been a good support for that new focus too!)

Is that your new picnic table?! I sort of have a little love thing about picnic tables and a big love thing about outdoor eating! hahha, your spring days are making me slightly jealous - they are calling for SNOW tomorrow (waaah!) I'm ready for sunshine and warm days! xxox

ps. Carly is looking so big in some of these pics! beautiful just like her momma!