Book Reviews {Jan-March}

I've been doing a LOT of reading in 2017,
so I thought I'd do a super-quick book review of what I've read so far!

Truly Madly Guilty:

  • liked it, but didn't love it
  • did enjoy the hoarding storyline in this one

Chasers of the Light:

  • great for love quotes
  • and life quotes
  • my personal favorite:

"Promise me 
you will not spend
so much time
treading water
and trying to keep your
head above the waves
that you forget,
truly forget,
how much you have always
to swim."

What Was Mine:

  • messed with my mind!
  • good writing
  • makes you side with the kidnapper!!!

The Alchemist:

  • not a fan of this one
  • i was unimpressed, and it felt looooong

The Shack:

  • i skimmed to the end
  • too fantasy-like

The Precious One:

Believing God:

  • helped me have a bigger faith
  • full of awesome quotes, lots of underlining
  • that said, it was difficult to finish

The Memory of Light:

Silver Bay:

  • utter disappointment after her other novels (ie me before you)
  • so slow moving
  • main character is very much one dimensional

Britt-Marie Was Here:

Inside The O'Briens:

  • amazing characters that easy to connect with
  • helps you understand every aspect of Huntington's disease
  • first book i listened to on Audio-- where has this been all my life?!?
  • i love all of her books

The Girl on the Train:

  • wow. listened on audio & could not turn it off
  • so many story lines, deep characters
  • and crazy turns of events
  • loved it

What are you reading? And do you like it? Love it?
Who are your favorite authors?



Cindy said...

Loved your reviews. I have A Man called Ove waiting for me at the library. Just ordered A Memory of Light from there. I LOVED The Shack.

Vicki Misner said...

I agree about the shack, skimmed it as it was boring and not interesting at all. Will not see the movie, the previews I have seen do not even seem like the same as the book...

Tabitha Studer said...

welcome to audio books! Such a fun way to double up on reading, I always feel like it keeps my stories straight when one of them isn't being read in my own voice - haha, weird but true. So bummed that you didn't enjoy The Alchemist! Your books read list for this year is astounding though - for real inspiring me! I'm going to ask the Easter bunny for A Memory of Light! xxox great reviews! (have you signed up for Blogging for Books? might be a fun way to get some free books in exchange for a review post!)