Carly at 14 Months

At fourteen months Carly is more fun than ever.
And such a sweet little smarty.
Here's a little about our sweetheart at just two months past her first birthday...

Signs She Knows:
all done
thank you

Words She Says:
bark bark
thank you

She barks every time she sees a dog,
and "signs" with her hands any time we sing a song.
(like baby sign language gibberish)
She gives high fives and play peek-a-boo.
She has eight tiny, perfect teeth.

She can put things back where they belong,
comb her own hair,
throw things in the trash,
and wipe her nose with a tissue.

She also tries to put on her own shoes,
tickle her feet when her shoes & socks are off,
and wants a bath every time she's naked.

She's very patient, and will sit in her carseat or stroller for long periods of time without complaint, but she hates being stuck in the pen (gate) in the house. It's like she knows if she hollers enough someone will save her (usually one of the twins). Ha!

She is absolutely adored by every single one of us.  I just love how they love her, those big brothers of hers.  Wyatt speaks to her only in an insanely high-pitch baby voice that is so syrupy sweet it can bring tears to my eyes.  The twins will do anything (anything!) to get her to laugh, and fight over who gets to get her up from naps on the weekends.  She loves reading books with Josh, and thinks it's hilarious when he puts her shoes on her hands.  With me she likes to play chase (I chase her or she chases me, squealing hilariously the whole time) and pet the kitties.  And, of course, nurse.

She was sleeping more at night the last week, then had a bad night, but I think it's cause of the bit of cough she has lingering from her cold.  She's basically up at least twice a night (that's a good night) but awake more than that often times. I'm the only one who can comfort (nurse) her back to sleep, and it's making for a very tired mama!

I was reading old blogs about Wyatt at this age, and by 18 months he knew 112 words.  It makes me very excited for the next few months to pass with Carly so we can start communicating more with her.  It's gonna be so much fun!


Marilynn Raatz said...

She is so darling!! I love her personality. I can't wait to spend time with her next week!!

Tabitha Studer said...

what a precious little thing she is. Gemma and I agree that she looks adorable in that little dress (the last pictures) and so grown! waaaaah! Her little personality so clearly shines through - even in pictures! I love being able to watch her grow! xxox