Living with Lizards

I have found the last few months that living with my anxiety has been quite tolerable.  It still comes and goes, but it doesn't scare me the way it did before.  When it rears its ugly head, I've been reminding myself what my favorite counselor taught me.  "You have to think of your anxiety as a lizard to live with, not as a dragon to slay."

I tell myself, "You're feeling anxious.  You're worried.  And that's okay."  Then I carry on as though my anxiety weren't there.  I remember to move slowly, at a normal pace and to stay occupied so the thoughts don't take over.  

I try to step back and watch my thoughts (mostly they're actually worries, like "What if Logan's medication doesn't stop his seizures," or "How will we afford the roof the house will need soon?") and see the thoughts like leaves flowing gently down the river.  I watch them come and go and try not to let them seize control of my brain.

This week I'm hoping to add daily meditation (using the Calm app) to my anxiety tool box.  What tricks do you use to combat panic attacks, worry & anxiety?



Shelly Cunningham said...

Adding a comment to see if it works.

Marilynn Raatz said...

I use prayer. I use my own calm thoughts, just like you. You are doing so well. I'm so happy for you.

Jan Richardson said...

I use prayer, and remind myself that this too shall pass!