My Wish For You, Jack

My wish for you Jack is that you have a life full of adventure.  I hope that you are happy and find something you love to do and are able to make a career out of it.  I also hope you find a spouse who loves you as much as you love.

I hope you always stay thoughtful & empathetic, as you are today,
and that your friendships stay strong because of this.

I want you to forever be close to your sister, your brother & your twin, and also your parents. 
I hope that you never let any setbacks hold you down 
and that you embrace every crazy turn life throws your way.

Thank you for having such a big heart, for being our family caretaker 
and for always being so willing to forgive me when I make mistakes. 
Your heart is so, so big. 

You are a joy, and have always been a joy, for all those around you.

I love you Jack Jack.
So, so much.
I'm so grateful you're mine.


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