Pool of the Wind Hike

 Also over spring break, we planned a hike with my dad to Hardy Falls "Pool of the Wind".  My sister and her son Ferris, along with myself and the twins joined my dad on this beautiful hike.  We had so much fun, and there was barely a complaint from our three little hikers. 

My dad is an avid hiker and I hope to instill in my kids the same love of nature he instilled in me. 

 When you peek your head around that rock Jack (in red) is holding onto...

 this is what you see-- 
a beautiful aqua pool at the bottom of a waterfall.  
It looks like a mermaids lagoon.

**shoutout to my sister who took a lot of these pictures
-- thank you Roxanne!

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Marilynn Raatz said...

Beautiful pictures!! I love that you girls love to hike, and are showing your boys the way!!