The Beach on Spring Break

Over spring break, we planned a day trip to the Oregon coast to visit my grandparents.  We adore them, and we adore the sweet little beach town they live in. We ended up with the most fantastic April weather (unheard of, really) and were able to spend nearly two hours playing in the sand. 
We also had lunch at our favorite spot, and spent plenty of time just hanging out at Grandma's house visiting. 

My grandpa is a real prankster, and loves to make things. He made this "piggy bank" Outhouse and when you put a quarter in the slot, it sets off a mouse trap, causing the whole thing to fall apart/explode. Wyatt loved it!

The twins used to always stand on Grandma's heater and look out her front window. When they were Carly's age, we lived in Vancouver, so we came to visit Grandma & Grandpa quite often. Now we only manage to make it two or three times a year. So it was special that Carly figured out the heater makes a nice little step for one year old feet. ;)

I just love my Grandma. 
When she saw Carly climb up there, she snuck out the back door and said, "I'm going to go around the house and surprise her." Aww!

Unintentionally, we started taking these pictures of us on the couch-- it started with my grandparents, the twins and I when they were babies-- and now, well, there are more of us than there is room on the couch. Ha!!

Until we meet again, Rockaway.


Marilynn Raatz said...

Beautiful post Shelly!

Kate S said...

Your pictures are just beautiful! We will be visiting the Oregon coast
in July and Rockaway Beach is one of our stops, can't wait! Thanks