Around Here: Week 26

 First I have to mention that it's Week 26, and 26 is my favorite number. I'm not sure why, it just sounds pretty to me. In fact, when I married Josh I wanted to get married June 26th (my favorite day of the year, again cause it just sounds pretty) but it didn't fall on a weekend day for, like, four more years. So we didn't. Josh joked that maybe I could have one of our future babies on June 26th.

Fast forward five years, and our first pregnancy was due June 26th, no joke. Crazy, right? It was the twins, so I ended up giving birth three weeks early, June 6th, but I got to say "June 26th" every time someone asked when I was due for nine months.


This week I have been:

Melting... as I watch Carly and Wyatt's bond grows.   He is absolutely her favorite brother (is it nice to say that? maybe not. but it's true. hah!)  She adores him. Last night he left their bedroom to go potty while we were getting ready for bed, and she cried like she'd been injured until he came back.  She signs his name (a "W" just to the right of her chin) and says, "Wy" when she sees him or pictures of him.  He loves her just as much, and is always willing to play with/entertain her if we need him to help. It's so nice.  I hope they'll be friends forever & always.

Suffering... more migraines than I can even count in June. The ones I remembered or wrote on the calendar added up to EIGHT this month alone, and I'm not even sure that's all of them.  I am very lucky that they go away when I take my medicine (Sumatriptan) but it makes me feel so nauseous and weird and yucky for about two hours before it starts working, and some of these migraines were STUBBORN and I had to take TWO pills, so I felt awful for four to five hours before feeling relief.
I'm not sure what is causing these migraines.  I am still nursing (nearly 18 months now), have an IUD, and have yet to really establish a monthly cycle. So who knows what's up.

Trying... to make better life choices because of the migraines. So I am going to bed by 10:00pm every night, drinking plenty of water and working out every morning.  If the hormones are the cause, there's not much I can do, but I can at least eliminate any stress/tension or sleep issues that could be causing them.

Going... to the pool basically every single day.  Carly wakes up from her afternoon nap and we load up and head to the waterpark here in town.  We got passes and it's the best investment in summer awesomeness!  The twins go on the giant slides, pretend to surf and body board and ride around the lazy river.  Carly toddles around the splash pad and the zero entrance (think like a beach entry) to the pool, getting more confident everyday.  I've even managed to get in some reading while Josh and I are there with the kids. Best ever!
Wyatt is too short to do any of the slides or rides and yesterday we were talking about it (him sitting on a giant lounge chair, soaking up some rays & me next to him, also on a giant lounge chair) and he folded his arms sternly across his chest and said, "I hate my stupid, stumpy life!" Oh.my.lord. I was laughing so hard!  Poor shorty!

Finishing... The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand this week.  This book! This is what I've been waiting for. It was the absolute perfect summer read with lots of twists and turns and family drama. I loved it!!!

Reading... Eleanor + Park, which is so good I can't put it down!  I am finding I like YA more than I would have imagined.  (Last week I finished Everything, Everything, and I loved that one, too!)  I am listening to The Island by Elin Hilderbrand again.  It's one of my two favorites of hers. (The other is Barefoot.  They're both perfect summer reads!)  I started The Stars are Fire, but put it on hold while I finish E+P.  I'll pick it back up next week.  Two pages in, and it seems like it's going to be un-put-downable as well!

Watching... The Light Between Oceans after reading the book two years ago. I remember crying as I read, which is rare for me, so I knew it would be sad... but sad doesn't begin to describe it. It was gut wrenching. I was absolutely UGLY-CRYING for the entire last quarter of the movie. So, so good, but so, so hard to watch.

Keeping... an eye on Carly while she had a fever for two days this week.  She's been teething (runny nose, drooling, clingy & warm) so we stayed home two days from the pool while she got her temperature back to normal.  While we were home I did lots of reading for pleasure (my favorite summer past time) and cooked up some homemade tortillas for enchiladas and quesadillas.  I had a happy crew when they arrived home from the pool with dad to a giant stack of homemade tortillas. :)

Making... the boys work tirelessly in the front yard to move rocks.  The bark chips were driving us crazy, spilling onto the walk way, and with some of our yard planning, we had extra rocks, so Josh dug out the bark and set the twins + Wyatt to work.  Josh has been working in the yard nonstop since the snow melted, and we're finally seeing the fruits of his labors.  It makes me so excited for the next few steps we have planned.

Having... special time with the twins and then Wyatt while Josh was out of town last weekend.  We had fun staying up late, watching movies and playing outside extra before the sun went down.  The twins rode bikes and played basketball.  Wyatt helped me water the garden and marveled at all the flowers we're growing around the yard.  I love those growing bubs of mine!

Enjoying... our gorgeous yard while reading outside after getting the kids in bed.  Between our lush grass (thanks, babe!), the beautiful flowers (thanks, Wyatt!) and the sunset (thanks, God!) I was feeling overly blessed in this beautiful life here in our new hometown.


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