4th of July

We did our big Independence Day celebration over the weekend (in a blog soon to come!) so our actual 4th of July was pretty laid back.  We hung out all day, made some dessert (rice krispie treats & cookies) and went out to dinner as a family of six, which was a real treat.  The kids were super well behaved & we played "2 Truths & A Lie", which is always fun & funny.

Then our neighbors invited us over for a root beer floats, so we popped over there for a bit, and then they joined us for pop-its and sparklers.  (As you can see, Wyatt opted for a blue popsicle instead of a root beer float.   We all laughed out loud when we saw his tongue!)  The boys had so much fun.

All in all, a perfect day with my favorite people!


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