Celebrating with Family

Last weekend my parents, my nephew, my sister & her kids, as well as Josh's brother & his wife all came to visit.  Friday afternoon Josh, my dad, my nephew (he's 18) and I were in charge of all 7 littles while my sister (with my mom) house hunted in Wenatchee (where they will be LIVING come fall, only an hour and a half away.  To say I'm excited is an understatement!!!)

These two were so happy to be reunited!

Jack, inspired after watching my nephew Isaiah do it, passed the swim test (go from one side of the pool to the other without touching!) and jumped off both the low and high dives!!!

Chasing 2 one-year-olds took me back to the days the twins were little!  People even asked if they were twins.  Little cuties!

"The boys"
Logan, Jack, Milo, Wyatt & Ferris


Oh this girl!
I love capturing her!

After the pool, we headed back to our house where we ordered pizza and watched the Lego Batman movie.  When my mom and sister got back from Wenatchee, Carly reached for my mom and then held to her like nothing I've ever seen.


The next day we gathered together and packed up our cars for the drive to Grand Coulee Dam.  Before we left I put Carly down for a nap, and sweet Annie put herself down for a nap. Ha!

The drive to Grand Coulee was beautiful.  I am a total rock geek, so I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Obligatory "all the grandkids are together" shot for Nanny!
Milo, Wyatt, Ferris, Jack holding Annie, Logan holding Carly, Isaiah

Once we arrived the boys played football and later we got food.

We're always trying to get a good picture of the baby girls together.
Annie wanted to see Carly's belly button.

My sister & her crew

{I included all the good ones so my sister can choose which she wants!}

Milo got a splinter & we had to do a little triage.

Elephant ears are my FAVORITE!
Before we knew it the fireworks started!

{Ferris & Jack}
The laser lights show was okay, but the fireworks show was the best I have ever seen.  It took my breath away, and the finale was fantastic!  Logan & Jack's favorite part of the WHOLE weekend of cousins was watching the fireworks show.  It was that good.

We got home & in bed very, very late (I kissed Wyatt goodnight at 1:00am!), but those memories will last a lifetime!


The next morning my mom, sister and I took the kids to see Cars 3.  The boys loved the movie, and us adults only closed our eyes in exhaustion a few times. wink! wink!

(While we were at the movies, Josh kept the baby girls, along with the help of my dad, nephew, sister and brother-in-law.)

After the movie Jack used his own money to get coins so that each cousin could have a turn at a video game.  It was so thoughtful and generous of him.


After the movie we decided to beat the heat and head to the pool again.  We were only able to stay a few hours (everyone wanted to get back on the road to head home before it got too late) but we squeezed as much fun into those few hours as we could!
{Our crazy crew in the parking lot!}

Lazy River!

Logan body boarding!

My three (tough) fish!

 I am so grateful (again. still.) that we live where we do, and are within driving distance of family.  Spending time together (with whoever it is) means so much to me and my kids.

We closed out the weekend feeling very blessed & loved.


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