Twin Stuff

This week the twins went to the orthodontist for the first time ever. Their top teeth have a little crowding and I wanted to make sure there wasn't anything that needed to be done right now.
Logan & Jack: Smiles
Logan & Jack: Profile

Logan (Top)
Jack (Bottom)
I took Jack to the first appointment, and Logan to his appointment the next day.  It was fascinating, as it always is, to see how they react to similar situations.  Both boys wanted to sit away from the TV's and any other people in the waiting room.  They both wanted me to lead the way to the room, following the nurse.  They both opted to sit in the grown up chair next to me instead of the examination chair, and when asked to point out what, if anything, bothered them about their teeth, they chose opposite (or mirror) teeth.  Jack pointed to his left upper crooked tooth and Logan pointed to his right upper crooked tooth.  

(Teeth pictures gross Josh out, so I'm sorry to any of you who are sensitive to teeth photos, but I thought it was absolutely fascinating how identical the twins' teeth are.)
Top- Jack
Bottom- Logan
They both have twelve more teeth to lose, they both have overbites, they both will need spacers and they both have their front two teeth tipping back, and their two upper side teeth coming forward. 

The plan is to look at getting braces around 12, 13, 14ish years old.  

I am riveted by similarities we find in them (still) and am curious to see what about these two remains the same as they age, and what (if anything) will start to differ. 


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