What Fourteen Years Looks Like

 Today is our fourteen year wedding anniversary.

Fourteen years ago today, I woke up, did my makeup with my best friend Maggie, waited for my mom to return from picking up my cake so she could do my hair, and headed to the church for my wedding.

Fourteen years ago today I sang "I Could Not Ask For More" to Josh, completely confident in myself, and in our bright future.

Fourteen years ago today I went from sharing a bedroom with my little sister to sharing a bedroom with my husband. 


This morning I woke up at 3:00am with our precious girl who has been sick for two days already with the stomach flu.  My hair was in a messy bun, leftover from the day before.

At 6:00am Josh got up and showered, made his own lunch, kissed me on the forehead and said, "Happy Anniversary".  I laughed out loud and stared at him. 

I had completely forgotten. 

I spent the day simultaneously feeling blessed by our village here and worried about our girl, watching as she suffered.  For dinner we had sandwiches and then Josh ran to the grocery store to buy school supplies for the boys.

This is our life now.  Four kids, a house... it means a lot of work, and little time for ourselves.  It also means little sleep, very little sleep.

And occasionally forgetting what day it is.

But I told Josh on the phone this afternoon, as I texted him the shopping list, knowing our anniversary would basically slip by unnoticed amongst other more pressing matters, "It's a crazy life, but I am certain it's exactly the life that I would have pictured and hoped for on my wedding day fourteen years ago."



Ashley said...

Happy Anniversary! And prayers that your sweet girl starts feeling better soon. xoxo

Ziba Bird said...

Happy anniversary and wishing you many, many more.