Best Books of 2017

Tabitha wanted to know my favorite reads of 2018. 
So I pulled together a short list of my very favorites, starting with

The best book of 2018:

The best of 2018 has to be, hands down, Inside the O'Briens, which is the story of Joe O'Brien, a Massachusetts police officer who has Huntington's Disease.  Each of Joe's four children has a 50/50 chance of inheriting the disease.  The book follows the family through his disease & the agonizing decision of whether to be tested or not.
(I also highly recommend Genova's other books, 

Honorable mentions include:

The main character's little boy keeps asking for his other mother, has horrible nightmares and refuses to bathe because of memories of being held under water.  But he's only four, and he doesn't have another mother.  Janie attempts to find answers for her son and her story collides with Jerome Anderson who is working on a book about children who remember past lives.  

{Best re-read of the year}
If you haven't read Anne recently, you should. 
I swear she makes me see the world differently.

Book I most highly recommend for mama's of any age.
Kenison reminds us (beautifully) just how fleeting this time with our babes is.

Such a good YA book about depression.

Favorite children's book:

This book is so soothing.  I love the pictures and the words.
Carly does too. 

Favorite Read-Aloud Chapter book:

This book lead to so many amazing conversations with my (nine year old) twins this summer.  We were able to talk about appearances, differences, and compassion.  The conversations came naturally throughout each chapter.  After reading the book, we then saw the movie, which was amazing.  I highly recommend both. 



Ashley said...

Totally agree about Anne!

Nuts about food said...

I read two of these books thanks to your suggestions (The gift of an ordinary day and Inside the O'Briens). I LOVED Inside the O'Briens, so thought-provoking, interesting, beautiful and sad.
I just started Plainsong, enjoying it so far, will keep you posted. Fiona

Amanda said...

Loved this post:) Thanks for doing it!