Around Here: Week Three {2018}

Surviving... two kid parties + Josh out of town last weekend.  We stuck with healthy eating except for our Saturday Splurge of homemade pizza & dessert.  I was the "best mom ever" and let the twins stay extra late at their friends' party, and they were so grateful.  Wyatt's friends' party was his first ever, and he LOVED it!

Losing... nine pounds total after dropping soda, coffee + creamer, and most sugar & carbs at the start of the new year.

Suffering... with migraines.  Often ten or more a month.  This week my doctor wrote me a prescription for a preventative med.  I will start it once I quit nursing Carly.  I am nervous to try it, but really hopeful that it will be effective.

Celebrating... Wyatt getting his boot off finally!  He is now footloose and fancy free, and it makes me so happy!

Riding... to school & hoping to get back on track with my 100 small things "Workout 3x/Week" goal.

Reading... Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand & Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate.  Up next is Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin, Little Soldiers by Lenora Chu, and The Blue Castle by Lucy Montgomery.  I am trying to have three books going at all times- a novel, a self help, & an audio book.  I am also reading Black Beauty aloud to the kids.  If Happier at Home is a book you've thought about reading, please join The Inspired Readers Book Club on Facebook.  Happier at Home is our February book!
I also read the next section (ages 8-10) of my "It's a Boy" book.  It was insightful and let me know what stages of development the boys (twins) are going through and what behaviors are typical at this age. I also really want to read his book Raising Cain, which I heard was good.

Loving... that I'm not the only one reading.  Everywhere I looked this week, I saw kids with their noses stuck in a book.  Jack has a new (huge!) chapter book he is tackling; Logan is working his way through a new series, and Wyatt nearly always reads on his own at some point throughout the day without being told.  Even Carly will get books off the shelf and pretend to read to herself. I love it!

Organizing... every nook & cranny of our house after reading the first few chapters of Happier at Home in preparation for book club next month.  The boys' closet is so lovely now, and the kitchen drawers are far more functional!

Quitting... nursing Carly.  Today was our last day.  I cried a lot Wednesday & Thursday but not today.  Today I felt peace, which is nice.  I just can't believe she is our last baby.  After spending my entire childhood & early adulthood dreaming of babies & pregnancy, it's hard to believe in ten short years, that part of my life is over.

Looking forward... to a weekend away with no children by myself.  I am going to Vancouver this weekend to visit my parents and I am leaving Josh to fend for himself with the kids.  He assures me he will be fine, and I am very much looking forward to the long (quiet) drive, some time with family, and a little time to myself.  I've never left all four kids with him, but he's been so supportive.  He assures me that all will be well, and I should enjoy myself.  So I am pretty pumped.

Happy weekend, friends!



Elini Vilardi said...

My first thought when reading:"organizing every book and cranny after reading chapter one"...uhhhhhh what am I getting myself in to???? Haha! !! I'm looking forward to it :)

Ashley said...

Love that photo of water splashing in the sink!!
I just read the first chapter of Happier at Home and already made a small to-do list, haha! Can't wait to talk about it with everyone.
Love that you went on a little trip by yourself too. I'm spending the day with my mom today (leaving in two hours!) and will be all by myself for the first time in forever. I'm so excited - I woke up like it was Christmas, hah!