100 small things: year 2

Last year was my first year doing 100 Small Things and I learned a lot. I learned not to list specific books I am going to read. I much prefer to follow what I want to read on a whim.  I think it would also be smart to post my 100 small things list somewhere in my house, like maybe in the office, so I can look at it and plan different ones to accomplish each week, as well as check them off as I go.  As I looked at my last list and discovered I hadn't accomplished 30 of the items, I had to remind myself that the list still had its intended effect-- I accomplished far more than I would have without it. And that's the whole point.

All that said, I was excited to write a new 100 Small Things list for this school year (being married to a teacher and having three elementary age kids means I live my life according to the school calendar, not the regular one. Haha!) So here it is!


**these are my New Year Resolutions for 2017 that help me "embrace" this life I'm living.**
  • 10pm bedtime for myself (9:30pm "turn in")
  • No swearing
  • Read 50+ books
  • Good bedtime routine with the kids (read chapter books, sing songs, say prayers)
  • Blog 3x weekly--map it out

  • Organize the office- set up my stamping stuff (!!!)
  • Get rid of all.the.things (esp. baby stuff)
  • --Specifically the filing cabinet
  • Buy sheets for Carly's bed/set up her bed
  • Purge old makeup
  • Learn to coupon
  • Buy wool balls for the dryer
  • Make new pantry shelves to utilize space more efficiently
  • Burn candles/Scentsy as much as possible
  • Clean house every Sunday
  • Sort/Purge/Organize every closet & cupboard in the house
  • Replace rose bushes out front
  • Take out arborvitae bushes
  • Spread rocks along the perimeter of the yard & beside the house
  • Paint both bathrooms
  • Put flower boxes inside closet door for mittens & hat storage
  • Clean the stove top twice (every six months)
  • Clean dishwasher
  • Make our new desk location work for us-- reorganize drawers
  • Read Happier at Home by Gretchen Rubin

  • Hike with my dad & boys
  • Kayak with my mom
  • Workout 3x week average (156 days in 2017-2018)
  • Walk the boys to school whenever possible
  • Do 20 push ups everyday


  • Afternoon tea, oil or meditation to center myself before dinner (aka "witching hour")
  • Gratitude journal at least once a week (make accountability sheet)
  • Read bible weekly (make checklist)
  • Meditate daily (keep track on the calendar daily)
  • Journal nightly re: eating & parenting (answer specific questions)
  • Listen to music daily in the shower
  • Spread kindness- tell strangers kind things
  • -Be helpful generally
  • Write out inspirational quotes to hang around the house
  • Try more essential oils

  • Screen-free weekdays for kids
  • Afternoon=sacred kid time (no distractions!)
  • 1 weekday screen-free for me
  • Media-free mornings for me= more reading books!
  • Cell phone lives on kitchen counter, not in my pocket
  • Watch 3 documentaries
  • Delete old phone contacts
  • Make password notebook
  • Write out prayers to rid myself of anxiety
  • Write out some body positivity mantras

  • No yelling (keep track on calendar with stickers daily)
  • Drive myself (+ kids) to Vancouver
  • Monthly meal planning
  • Try new meats: shrimp
  • Try new meats: fish
  • Make 3 Pinterest meals
  • Haircuts- 6 weeks
  • Print some recent photos
  • Get a bike for me
  • Get a bike for Josh
  • Create a family photo book
  • Celebrate Mother's Day for those around us
  • Celebrate Father's Day for those around us
  • Read 10 chapter books with the boys this year
  • Color with my kids- put up an art show

  • Eat outside
  • Kids memorization of addition facts
  • Figure out memorabilia system for kids
  • Chore system- keep it up, add more responsibility (meds/diapers)
  • Library visit 1x month (Love this reasonable goal, Tab!)
  • Monthly "crafternoon" (Brilliant Ashley!)
  • Thank teachers & staff at the boys' school
  • Continue "family grooming day" Sundays- cut nails, etc.
  • Try brownies in a cup (thanks, Ashley!)
  • Rotate consistently who sets the table & helps with dinner

  • Trade bedtime duty once a week
  • Play Rummikub
  • Trade backrubs
  • Make his lunches
  • Make weekly date night a priority

  • Small group get together
  • Keep track of birthdays/anniversaries & send cards according/make calendar
  • Call someone (have a list to choose from) when I'm feeling down
  • Send 3 surprise packages + Send 10 snail mail letters
  • Get together with 3 friends' families in town



  • A Week In The Life
  • Introduce "Alaska Living" page
  • Month-long blog writing challenge
  • Share favorite books: kids + mine weekly
  • Write one chapter of my book each month this year
  • Finish my blog story (Part One + Part Two)
  • Share how we do chores
  • Share 2017 reading "bookshelf" from my journal
  • Empty my dashboard of Drafts (all.of.them) by August 2018
  • 100 Small Things quarterly updates


Ashley said...

Love your list and how you broke it into sections! I always start out that way but my stream of thoughts always ends up taking me all over the place, haha!
Wishing you a fun, productive year. xo

Jerri-Lynn Peterson said...

Can't wait to read the rest of your blog story! I enjoyed part 1 & 2 :)

Tabitha Studer said...

this makes me so excited! I'm such a nerd about planning and goals, hahha. I love so many of them and really like your categories - traditions! such a good one to list out! I love your try new foods tasks - that might be fun to have one a month of our kids, we have one particular picky eater (ahem, Greyson), but maybe if it was kind of like a game, or a chart - he might be more willing to try. I love it! Thanks for the inspo (as always!)