Bedroom (+ the office) Makeovers

If you've followed the blog for any time, you know that we have had any number of bedroom configurations. Two years ago, I even had all four kids together for a period of time. It's not an exact science and my kids' needs are constantly changing, so our bedroom situation is also constantly changing. But I think we have found a solution that will last for quite some time. Hallelujah!

A week ago a friend of mine (after seeing this picture of the boys' beds all in a row) offered us her bunk bed for free.  Josh's parents agreed to bring it to us during their trip last weekend, and now (!!!) the boys have a fully functioning bedroom.  What an amazing community effort.  I am so grateful!

(Thank you Brittany!! Thank you Carl!!)

While we're in Vancouver next week I am going to hit up IKEA for some cute little bookshelves for the top bunk, which I think the boys will enjoy.  Currently Wyatt is on the top bunk, Jack on bottom, and Logan gets the loner bed.   I told the boys we will rotate every couple weeks.  That's what we did when they shared a room in Alaska and it worked well.

I also made the transition more workable/permanent by moving Wyatt's wardrobe into there as well.  That way he has access to his clothes all the time, no matter when Carly is napping. 

By far, Carly's room has been the most fun to redo. Both because all her stuff is so cute (!!!) and because the logistics of one kid in a room is just so much easier!  My mom made her the quilt you see draped over the rocking chair as a surprise for my baby shower, and the night I found out it was a girl, I ordered the blanket on the end of her bed.  They match, like they were made to coordinate, so when I was shopping in the fall for Wyatt's new comforter at Ross and found this coral one for $14.99 (!!!) I knew I had to buy it.  Now I'm so glad I did!

I am feeling much more settled with the bedrooms (and office) functioning again as we prepare for one last trip and then school starting. 

Here's some quick (poorly lighted) photos of the office as it's coming along:

I can't tell you how good it feels to be able to move around in there and have a majority of the work done. I got rid of the extra twin bed we didn't need any more and also the filing cabinet we didn't need.  I am hoping to pare down what we have in here and get everything to fit in a way that makes sense.


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Ashley said...

Isn't rearranging and moving things around fun? Especially little girls rooms...I can't wait to paint and spruce up Sophie's soon!