Around Here: Week 33

{always as close to mama as possible, even when I'm getting ready}

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Birthday Boy & Jack

{playing minecraft together-- love their little set up}

Eating... corn, peas & zucchini from our garden.  Wyatt was especially happy to eat the first ear of corn harvested from our little backyard garden.  We grew the garden solely for him.  He has such a fascination with growing and plant cycles that when his teacher sent home an egg carton garden starter, we decided we had to try for his sake.  Josh's mom supplemented the egg carton starter with some peas & tomatoes, and now we have so much stuff growing!
We also ate dinner together as a family for the first time in a week now that everyone is done being sick.  It felt so foreign but lovely to be seated around the table again.

Slowly... healing up after being sick for 10+ days.  It started with Carly and ever so slowly worked its way through all four kids.  Unfortunately this was during a planned visit from their aunt & cousins, which meant they had to cut their vacation short to avoid getting sick themselves, and it also meant we had to cancel our trip to Silverwood theme park with friends. Sad face!  (The boys earned the Silverwood tickets FREE by reading 600 minutes at school this spring.  We're still hoping to go, but aren't sure when we'll get it in. It might be after school starts.

Working... at getting the house settled & set up for school.  It feels good to have all the bedrooms set and organized, and to have at least a good start on the office/laundry room.

Setting... fall goals & 100 small things (year 2) written after wrapping up last year's 100 small things.  Setting goals and thinking what I want life to look like always gets me excited about change instead of dreading it.  The fall routine is going to help me meet a lot of goals and I can't wait!

Celebrating... the twins' friend Jacoby's birthday with a night out at a local pizza place with his family & friends.  We were only able to take Jack & Wyatt, since Logan & Carly were still sick (thanks for watching them, Grandma!) and I can't tell you how lovely it was to have a night out without having to chase Carly around.

Dealing... with tantrums & early rising from Carly.  That girl has an opinion of her own and she is not happy if you tell her no. The early waking (like 4:00am, people!) has me so utterly exhausted and suffering more migraines than usual from lack of sleep.  I am hoping now that the bedrooms are all settled and she's healthy again that we will get back to sleeping!  We are also dealing with her current boot obsession, meaning we put on and take off her little frog boots (that were Logan's and then Wyatt's) 273x a day.  Good thing she's so cute, and says please.

Reading... nothing until yesterday.  You read that right-- I haven't read anything all week!  Yesterday I finally started one I checked out from the library (The Magician's Assistant by Ann Patchett) and so far I really like it. I also downloaded a few audio books for our road trip-- Ramona Quimby (for the boys) & The Wonder by Emma Donoghue (who also wrote Room which was highly engrossing, disturbing and which I highly recommend!), as well as Small Victories by Anne Lamott & Love Warrior by Glennon Doyle.  I'll let you know which ones I get through & how I like them.

Yelling... too much during this second week of Josh at work & me alone to face all 4 kids.  They all have such different needs that I often find myself overwhelmed with attempting to meet them.  When I get overwhelmed, I yell.  I am working to overcome the habit, but boy it's a tough one!

Trying... to listen to the boys instead of automatically yelling.  I find if I can keep my mouth shut (that's the hard part) I can often hear their hearts coming through their tears & screams, and it reminds me to handle them gently... even if they are driving me bonkers.

Departing... yesterday for my my first solo trip 'home' with all 4 kids.  Took us exactly 6 hours from doorstep to doorstep, with only three stops (one on the way out of town to pick up a prescription, one to go potty and one for lunch).  I was really happy with the length of the trip and with how amazing all the kids were. Carly got a bit grumpy before we stopped for lunch, for about twenty minutes but Logan did a great job of keeping her calm until we got there.

Looking forward... to a weekend FULL of fun with my mom and sister and kids and nephews.  I have a small group reunion planned as well as getting to meet my cousin's baby boy for the first time, plus a trip to the river for the first time this summer.  I just can't wait!!!


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