The Big Birthday Bash

I struggled with planning the boys' birthday party this year (back in June) because I knew we couldn't afford much, but I also knew I wanted them to have the opportunity to celebrate their big days with their new friends.  I decided to throw all the Pinterest Party Ideas out the window and do a party that would make my kids smile.  The result was a combined birthday for Logan, Jack & Wyatt, where each boy invited five friends, and we rotated them and their friends through three stations. 

One station was outside, playing on the equipment, jumping on the trampoline, blowing up balloons and playing Nerf guns.

Another station was an Art station, where the kids could color, draw and create on different types of paper.

And the last station was the Lego station.  We brought the twins' two large Lego bins out and let the kids go for it, building whatever came to mind.  I think that was, by far, the favorite station.

Other than station planning, the only other thing I did was make cupcakes & Koolaid.

The boys, and their friends, had a blast!


Vicki Misner said...

What a great way to celebrate and by the pictures I am thinking everyone had a great time without much stress for you and the family...

Marilynn Raatz said...

Oh the twins opening their fidget spinners looked so happy!! And Wyatt teaching his friends to be zen...Oh I laughed out loud! I love all these pictures! What a perfect party!!