A BOY Birthday Party!

When a friend of mine picked up her son from the twins' birthday party last night, I told her if there had been a theme, it would have been "BOY"-- they had a squirt gun fight, a Nerf gun fight, jumped on the trampoline and ate loads of pizza!  (There was also a lot of wrestling, good natured teasing & laughing!)
Those twins of ours were born with unending energy.  They wake up (usually early) completely ready to face the day, at 100%.  Their birthday was no different.  Then we invited seven of their friends (plus their little brother) to join us.  It got crazy fun & loud!

They were spoiled with tons of awesome presents- squirt guns, nerf guns, extra bullets, giant foam airplanes, slime kits, colored pencils, a sketch book, darts, candy, clothes, roller blades and a sprinkler so they can jump on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath. 

Then they got homemade pizza (thanks to Josh) which the boys consumed like there was a secret competition (#scaredfortheteenageyears) and soda, which was a special treat.  They were so cute & grateful, telling their friends that their dad makes the best pizza around and it made my heart swell.

Then it was time for cupcakes & candles & singing happy birthday.  All went well as Josh and I lit their ten birthday candles simultaneously.  

Then we sang happy birthday and in true twin fashion, Jack blew out his brothers candles, then his own, in one naughty fell swoop, the dimples on his cheeks extra deep with mischievousness as he giggled heartily.  Luckily Logan didn't seem bothered in the least, but Josh and I were none too pleased by Jack's behavior.  sigh.  Even on their birthday the parenting never lets up. Ha!

Then it was back outside until the parents showed up, having an epic Nerf gun war, where thankfully Carly & Wyatt were safe from the battle (and the bullets sailing through the air), protected by the trampoline netting.  The party was absolutely perfect for our boys who can never get enough action.  They said they had so much fun, thanking us profusely for the party, the food and their presents.  (And apologizing for their behavior. ahem, Jack ;)

"Mothers & children are in a category all their own.  
There's no bond so strong in the entire world. 
No love so instantaneous & forgiving." 
-Gail Tsukiyama

{be still my heart}


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Ashley said...

Such a great party! In some ways, boys are simple: just add rough-housing and food and you're good to go, hah!
P.S. You look amazing, mama!