Family Bike Ride

Last weekend we went on our first bike ride as a family of six and it was so much fun! Carly did great in her trailer (Josh pulled her behind his bike) and the boys were thrilled to have us on bikes, able to keep up with them.  Usually they ride and I walk, pushing Carly in the stroller, so they have to circle back, constantly waiting for mom to catch up. 

We just rode to the school and back, where we let the kids play for a while.  Some basketball and Carly & Wyatt went down the slides and on the swings a bit. But it was a really nice way to break up the afternoon.  I told Josh he is a machine.  My legs were burning on this very short, very flat ride to the school. I don't know how he does the super intense, long and hill-ridden rides he does many mornings before work!  I suppose that's how his calves look as amazing as they do!

I hope this was just the first of many family bike rides!


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