Wyatt's Seventh Birthday Party

Wyatt had a fantastic birthday party yesterday!  A lot of his friends were able to come, as well as his two cousins (thanks for making the drive Tuckers!!!) and they had a great time!  They played in the backyard, spent some time playing legos, and colored some Monsters University coloring sheets.  

Josh made pizza for the whole crew- which they enjoyed while watching Monsters University.  Then he opened presents and we got ready to sing and blow out the candles.  Well, our windy weather had other plans.  Luckily Wyatt is an easy going kid, and he said, "That's alright mom! I can just make a wish!" So he did, no candles necessary. (He looked like he was praying- it was beyond precious!)

The kids loved the cake and ice cream and as a party favor, Wyatt chose Reese's Peanut butter cups.  This kid knows exactly what he likes & wants, and cracks me up.  I love how decisive he is.  (For instance, he had a birthday dinner at my mom's in Vancouver on his actual birthday and instead of cake he requested pumpkin pie. He's just such a character!  What seven year old loves pumpkin pie?!?)

He is a very grateful kid, loves (!) toys and was so excited for each and every present he received.  This morning he woke up so pumped to play with everything.  It was fun to see him with his friends, and also to notice how different his energy level is.  His brothers are "Go! Go! Go!" from the second they wake up.  Wyatt is far more mellow, and it was fun to see which of his friends are like him, and which are like his brothers. 

This birthday was really fun to plan for our boy- I am so grateful for him.  He's a beautiful addition to our family and I am so thankful that he's here with us after all we've been through this year. 

I love you Wyatt Nathanial.
You're the best & I'm the luckiest.


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