Week 8 Around Here {2019}

 Enjoying... every minute of our weekend getaway.  Originally we were supposed to go out of town, but because of the massive snow we got, we had to cancel those plans because the pass got closed.  We ended up just staying at a hotel here in town, but let me tell you, three days without our kids, we didn't care! Hah! 
Josh's parents watched the kids for us, staying at our house to make it easier, and we were so beyond grateful.
We spent it reading, watching TV, sleeping, laughing & eating good food.  We also picked out glasses & sunglasses for Josh at the eye doctor's office, & found a new snow coat for me. Shopping and eating out alone is such a luxury after so many months without a date.  It's hard to believe that we will celebrate 19 years together this April.  I am so grateful we still like each other!

Reading... Five Feet Apart and listening to Sing Unburied Sing on audio.  I also finished The Poisonwood Bible, Vox and The Water Cure this week.  Of these five, Vox is the one I would absolutely recommend the most. It's so, so good. I could not stop listening.  The Water Cure was, in my opinion, awful, and The Poisonwood Bible was, while good, probably not for everyone.
When I finish Five Feet Apart and Sing Unburied Sing I will report back to you!

Quitting... coffee after my week of loving it. To be honest, my body did not love having it, even though my mind did.  So I was more than happy to give it up. I immediately noticed a difference in my headache levels and energy levels, which made stopping really easy!

Working out... everyday this week and last week.  I am really proud of how consistent my workouts have been this month! And it's all because of some silly stickers I put on my calendar each time I work out. Who knew!?!

Losing... two pounds this week thanks to giving up coffee, working out and eating a little better this week.  I still haven't recovered my holiday weight gain, but I am heading in the right direction!

Loving... Carly's help with the chores, matching socks and loading the dishwasher.  She's so adorable and enthusiastic.

Listening... to the boys reading at bedtime, and really focusing on that one on one time, hoping that it will improve the twins' behavior.  So far, it really has been, and I am thankful that a little extra attention seems to be doing the trick.  It always seems to be the case that when I am most sick of my kids (#momtruth) is when they need to be spending more time with me.  (#foreheadslap) Haha! 

Slowly... transitioning Carly to her big girl bed, starting with just nap time.  She doesn't like the idea, but she's doing really well! She's napped in there three times now and stays in it.  I am so proud of her. Maybe next week we will try having her sleep in it at night.

Crying... when Wyatt lost his top front tooth this week.  He is nearly 8, so I know we're lucky to have had them as long as we did, but because of that, I kind of fell in love with that teeny tiny perfect smile of his.  He, however, was ELATED to finally lose that stinker! haha! 

Embracing... my stay-at-home mom status this week, really relishing rocking Carly to sleep at nap time; folding the laundry; and tidying the house.  I have so much to be grateful for, and it's really been in the forefront of my mind that being home everyday is a blessing I longed for years ago.  I don't want to take it for granted.

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