If you double click on this one, you will see the spot where his pyogenic granuloma fell off (yep, it fell off!) and left a scab. We woke up Thursday morning to another set of bloody sheets. When I scooped Jack up, I saw that the lump, the red strawberry-looking thing was gone. Completely gone! Where it went, we still don't know. We're keeping our appointment with dermatology for the 5th, as I would like them to check it out & try to tell me exactly why this happened & (more importantly) if it's normal.
I have been praying for God to heal it so that we didn't have to seek any medical interventions that could cause Jack pain or trauma. So maybe that's what He did. Or maybe it's just another strange step in this odd little journey. In any event, I kept staring at Jack all day. As a mother, you have your childs' face memorized. Every curve, every dimple, every pore! So I kept having to do a double take. He just looks beautiful.


Rox said...

bathtime pictures are the best! they always seem to glow.

i'm so VERY curious to know more about this whole thing, i'm happy you're getting more answers!

charis said...
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charis said...

hi! i randomly found your blog a while back and fell in love with your adorable boys. i've been praying for jack since you first posted about the spot. i'm hoping that this is a miracle!