Today during nap time I was watching Sex & The City (my guilty pleasure) & Miranda has recently had a baby. Watching her care for her little one made me realize that my babies aren't babies any more. About two weeks ago we gave up the bottle. I recently packed away one Boppy & gave the other to my sister. I have also been transitioning them off of baby jar foods in an effort to get them eating big people food.While all of this is exciting (I haven't washed a bottle in over 14 days!!!) it is also bittersweet. I loved having two tiny babes to care for. I loved their tiny toes, their tiny clothes & even their tiny cries. Now they are learning to communicate more every day, they are walking & they are playing. They are, in essence, turning into toddlers.

And I know that in the fall, when my sister has her baby, the boys will seem even bigger. Compared to her little one, they will seem like seven year olds! I am trying to enjoy each stage of the boys' development, and I think I am doing a good job, but sometimes it's hard to let go of the ones I really enjoyed.

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Rox said...

I think you and Josh have just the right balance of letting them grow up but enjoying them being little and cherishing it!
Watching them has made me realize how fast infancy flies by. It's a good lesson for me to enjoy every little step!
Enjoy TODAY :)