Yesterday after a fun afternoon at the beach, my grandparents took the four of us to dinner at The Troller in Garibaldi. After dinner we walked around the marina and found The Double Trouble, a big boat docked there. I just had to snap a picture!

Here are the boys with my grandparents' friends' boat, The Kerri Lin.

It was nice & cool down on the water, and the sights are beautiful. Surrounded by boats in the bay, you look up & see either the tree covered mountains, or the sea. Truly breathtaking.

And our company couldn't have been better. Josh & I have always really enjoyed spending time with my grandparents, and now the boys do, too. Grandma does this really cool train whistle, and every time she did it Jack would crack up.

I couldn't believe the giggles she was getting out of him!

(side note: Sunday, after getting back from Urgency Care, Jack's granuloma bled once more. It didn't bleed at all Monday, and bled only once today. 8 days until our dermatologist appointment.)

It just warms our hearts to see how much the boys love their great grandparents & how much my grandparents love the boys. We had a great day on the coast & feel very blessed to have open arms any time we want to go there.

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Rox said...

Jack's big smile is too funny!! I want to laugh just looking at the pictures because I can imagine him laughing!!