This afternoon Josh took off since my friend Katie was coming over to visit. So the boys & I played for a while. Logan laid on my blanket & was so cute!

Jack blew me kisses, which is heart-wrenchingly adorable. I swear, I am tearing up as I write this. He is so sweet. He touches his fingers to his lips, then sends his pudgy little hand in my direction. And my heart is wholly his.

Then Mommy was a monster & we played chase. This is Jack's "Mommy is chasing me" face. Priceless!

They run from the living room, around the corner, through the kitchen & into the laundry room; screaming, squealing & giggling all the way.

Then they turn around & chase me back into the living room.

My boys are so much fun.
I can't believe they are mine to keep.


Kristy said...

love the smoochies they blow...melts my heart every time!

p.s. we should get together sometime!

Juli and Scott said...