Some of you may have noticed Jack's Strawberry Hemangioma located just in front of his ear on his left cheek, as seen above. It showed up at 11 months as a tiny dot, almost looking like baby acne. Then it grew. And grew. And now he is 13 months and it is the size you see here.
We have an appointment with a dermatologist on August 5th. I wish it was sooner as I am very concerned. All the hemangioma's that I read about online showed up by 1 month of age. None randomly popped up later. So, of course, I am concerned about cancer or other more serious and aggressive types of tumors/birth marks.
While I understand that I may sound vain for saying this, I don't want Jack to grow up with this thing on his face. And his being an identical twin does not help. I do not want him to be "the one with the strawberry thing on his face". And later, I don't want him to be "the one with the scar on his face." His being a twin gives me cause for concern because of constant comparison with his brother by outsiders.
My family & Josh's family see just Jack. Our beautiful, happy, blue eyed boy. But other kids (already we have been asked by kids at the park) see that difference and are curious about it, naturally. And that breaks my heart for Jack.
I am so worried. Pray with me that it's no big deal, that Jack will be fine, and that all my fears will be put to rest by the dermatologist on August 5th.
Thank you for listening. I already feel better, just having gotten that off my chest.
Man, this parenting thing is heavy.


Kari said...

Shelly, I had one randomly pop up when I was 16. I went to a dermatologist to have it burned off. She said it was really rare for something my age to get one. Anyways, it ended up being no big deal, and I barely have a scar! No worries Shelly!! Live for today, not tomorrow!

Tay said...

I didn't notice it until about a month ago because like everyone else, I thought it was acne of some sort.

When I see it, honestly, it looks quite benign to me. Then again, I'm not his parent so I don't have that same set of worries. From my perspective, it's really not something that counts against his character. When I came over today, I identified them correctly, with absolute certainty without first looking at Jack's strawberry growth. I guess working on their photos last night helped me discern each's unique identifying features.

Growing up with one ear did leave its marks on me. I know all about the kids at the park, school, store, ice cream stand, etc etc asking about it. The past decade though, has been different as the lack of a right ear has become my signature. You either embrace it or you don't.

Jack is awesome in my book, with or without his strawberry growth.

braatz said...

Shelly, The Doctors and Dermatologists are so good with lasers these days, and know so much about how the skin heals up... I'm sure if they have to remove it, in a month after it heals you will have to look long and hard to even find the spot where it was. Good thing you have the appt on the 5th. It will be here before you know it.... Love Dad