I recently purchased paper for a second set of scrapbooks for the boys. So today I had pictures printed from Costco, and it was so amazing to look back. This is Logan when he was four days old. We had been home one night. He ate strictly from the bottle & weighed 4lbs. 4oz. (he lost 2 oz. from birth)
This is Jack, also at four days old. He weighed about 6lbs. 10oz. (he lost 3oz. from birth) He was 3/4 breastfeeding & 1/4 formula fed. You can't see in this picture, but both boys had red hair at birth. And lots of it!

I just want to go back in time & hold them more, take more pictures & slow it down. It was craziness those first few weeks & the time just flew by.

I want to wash them once more in the sink, kiss their teeny tiny piggies, and change one more Pampers Preemie Swaddlers diaper.

Logan had the cutest (tiniest) clothes when he was first born. My mom & sister went to the mall to get him his preemie clothes. As worried as I was about the boys being born early, I had NO preemie clothes to speak of.

At the time we all felt that Jack was HUGE. And he was, in comparison to Logan, but when I see a picture like this of him, I realize how tiny he was, too. It makes me ache to hold him against my chest. The way their weight feels against you when they finally give in to the sleep, there's just nothing like it.

And now, today, they are 14 months old. Roughly 21lbs. each. Walking, signing, laughing, talking. It has been an amazing year. I am trying to soak up each & every day because I see now how fast they grow; how quickly they change; how tender the previous stage becomes when it passes.

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Rox said...

that pic of you and the boys turned out really cute!! gosh they were so itty bitty. and how weird is it that shelly, The Planner of All, didn't have ANY preemie clothes?!