Some people fall into parenting.
chose parenting.
Josh & I made a conscious decision to start our family two years ago, and (lucky us) were successful the first try.
I have always,
always wanted to be a mother.For me, being a mommy is the only important job.
It is the end all/be all of my existence.
My children make my life worthwhile.
Seeing the picture of myself with the boys that my sister took today (seen in the 14 MONTHS post) felt like the realization of my dream.
I have two little boys.
Two happy, bubbly, beautiful sons who mean the world to me.
Whom I can't even imagine life without.
I still feel like it can't possibly be true. This can't be real.
I can't have TWINS. But it is. And I do.
I am a mommy, and it is all I have ever wanted it to be.

All I have ever dreamt it to be.
It is beyond words.

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Rox said...

and we are all so happy you and josh made the decision to become parents! i love your babies so much! even when they're teething and crying into the phone so i can't hear you- i STILL love them!! (just a little joke from your 'crappy anniversary!'