Isaiah's Scrimmage

{Jack & Logan}
I don't know if I have ever talked about the boys' stroller. It's a Graco Duo-Glider. And I love it! We got it from the teachers Josh worked with at Fircrest. It was awesome when the boys were still in their infants seats, and is still a great stroller now that they are out of them. It drives wonderfully, has tons of storage under their seats for shopping bags, and has a handy cup holder & storage box near the handle. It also folds up quite nicely and isn't too heavy.
He always slouches in his back seat. It cracks us up. He really enjoyed visiting with Papa at Isaiah's football scrimmage.

Silly boy

Jack was not such a fan of the scrimmage, as those of us on the sidelines had a tendency to scream when things were going our way (or when they weren't!). His whole face would pucker up & his bottom lip would pop out and there would come the waterworks. He's such a sensitive little guy.

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