daddy's bye-bye

Monday night was Josh's first night back at WSU. He is starting the last year of his bachelor in teaching degree. He has seven classes this semester, and in January he will be student teaching full time. He'll be gone Monday through Thursday nights. While we are excited, we are also anxious for how much work this will be for the two of us. Him with homework & an internship, and me with my job & the boys.
All summer Josh has been the one to bathe the boys each night. Most nights we would play in their bedroom while Josh got the tub ready. Then when he was all set, he would come and knock on the door. Then he'd get the boys in the bath.
So on Monday when we were done putting away their clean laundry, I asked the boys if they were ready for baths. Logan got up, walked over to the closed bedroom door & knocked on it. He waited a beat, then said, "Dada!"
Sorry buddy, Daddy's bye-bye.

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Rox said...

Sad face! That is precious.