spells "Sanity".

The boys have slept 12 hours for five nights now (four of those were in a row). The one night they were up from 12-3am was the cats' fault. The cats had no food, so they pushed open the boys bedroom door, I guess in hopes of getting fed by one of our two one-year-olds. (haha) Instead Mommy & Daddy got to endure three hours of non-stop screaming from our precious baby boy Logan.
But that awful night aside, and I think we are on the up and up.
Josh & I put a lot of effort into getting the boys on a good schedule and night time routine so that when he started school and I started work, bedtime would be a cinch and sleep would be had. So far it is working marvelously. We do snack at 6:15, baths at 6:30, lotion, pajamas, comb hair, read a story, turn on the fan & music, turn off the lights, and voila! at 7:00pm we have sleeping babes.

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