sick & sicker

On Thursday the boys got a fever. It was 101 under Jack's arm. I think it was actually higher than that, but he's a squirmy little thing, so that's the best reading I got. We took ibuprofen, drank lots of fluids, and laid low. Friday they woke up and seemed pretty good. But after naps Logan woke up shaking like crazy and crying inconsolably. So Josh & I took a deep breath and headed to Urgency Care. We waited only 1 hour (the longest hour in history) and were seen by a really nice pediatrician. He said it's a virus, and it will likely last seven to ten days. I kind of wanted to hurt him. But I digress.
When we got home the boys didn't feel like eating, so dinner was stressful. And last night was miserable. They were up (mostly one or the other, not both) from 11:30-12:30, again at 3:40am, 4:50am and 6:50. We were up for the day at 7:40am. They seemed good again this morning (clingy, but okay), but after naps, it got UGLY. They hadn't wanted a lot for lunch, so we put them in their high chairs for snack and were trying anything (mandarin oranges, vanilla ice cream, crackers, juice) to get some calories in them.
Then, all of a sudden, Logan coughs and from there starts PUKING. It was all over his tray, splashing onto the floor, he was crying and his mouth was stuck open and spraying like a fire engine hose. Not to mention the puke that was shooting out his nostrils. Oh and the smell. Rancid. We put them both straight into the tub. I cleaned them while Josh washed up the kitchen. It took all we had not to throw up ourselves.
Meanwhile I had spoken on the phone to my mom who offered to bring over some pedialite. She came a bit later and laughingly suggested I take a picture of myself today. She said most days I seem (on the blog anyway) to have it pretty well together. Today I did not. So she took this incredibly unflattering picture of me and the boys just before bath & bed time. I had eaten a muffin & bowl of cereal (that's it, all day long) and obviously had not showered. I particularly like how my baby hairs that are finally growing back in- after falling out during pregnancy- are all standing on end. Like a mohawk within my other hairdo. Quite attractive. And we must mention the Santa pj bottoms. Nice.
For those of you who have said to me,
"I always wished I had had twins"
I bet you didn't picture this.


Rox said...

Poooor babies!!!! That goes for all parties involved.
It's actually good he was in the high chair though! Man oh man, I hope they get better ASAP!

Autumn said...

Poor little men and Poor Mommy and Daddy! Hang in there! I am glad it was in the high chair..not in the car seat. I will be praying that both boys gets better asap.

I went thru 2 weeks with them (10.5 months old)having fevers and stomach bug while their dad was out of town..then on the day he got back, I became sick myself and landed in the hospital along with Tristan. I do not miss it! I like the way you think about how people say they wish they have twins..and they didn't picture that! :-)

Kori said...

:( Poor babies! And mommy and daddy! Having sick babies is no fun.

I read somewhere that an underarm temp is usually 2-3 LOWER than the actual temp. Poor Jack. And Logan - shaking and crying! :(

Is this the first time they've been sick?

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Yea, this is their first time being really sick. It is not fun at all!