baby einstein

{Logan & Jack}
I was never really a believer in the whole "Baby Einstein" craze, but I did buy one DVD when the boys were like 4 months old, just to check it out. I would play it in the evenings when I had to bathe one and the other baby had to wait. They would sit in their bouncer or exersaucer & watch. I wasn't sure they loved it, but it held their interest.
Now I swear by them.{Jack, Daddy, Logan}
The boys have been sick the last three days, and all we do is watch Baby Beethoven & Baby MacDonald over & over & over. {Daddy & Bogans}
We also got Baby's First Signs, with Marlee Matlin, and I LOVE that one. Logan will stand in front of the TV just sign-babbling away. His arms & fingers flying all over the place trying to mimic the signs he sees. It's adorable. And it has been a life saver these last few days. Anything to try & get their minds off their feverish heads & sore little bodies.

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