good daddy

Yesterday afternoon when Logan woke up shaking like a leaf on a tree, Josh calmed my nerves saying he might just have low blood sugar, and we should try to feed him. He came up with an action plan. Feed the boys, change them, head over to urgency care just to be sure there's nothing else we can do. Logan was screaming bloody murder for at least a half hour straight, but Josh never lost his cool. He just spoke to him soft & sweet and tried to coax him into eating something. Anything.
Meanwhile I packed the diaper bag with matchbox cars, favorite stuffed animals (called "bubs" around here), granola bars for us in case the wait was long, and some sippy cups.
At urgency care Josh was super patient and walked around outside with Jack to keep him from getting too upset. He dealt with Logan like a pro when the doctor was doing his exam, and all the while I kept thinking, "We are so lucky." Not every woman can say their husbands are as capable as them at dealing with the kids. But when it comes to Logan & Jack, Josh has it down. Feedings, changings, baths, bedtime, middle of the night wake ups, hospital visits, crankiness... anything the boys throw his way, he can handle it. While I sometimes still feel like I am drowning from the weight of the responsibility I have, it's good to know that I share that responsibility with someone who is equally committed to raising these boys with standards & doing it to the best of our ability.

I love you honey.
I couldn't survive this crazy life without you by my side.

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Rox said...

I love our J dawg too! He gets you to do adventurous things outside your comfort zone and knows how to keep you centered and calm in hectic situations! You guys set an awesome example for other couples.