the nursery

{Jack's crib}
We originally had one HUGE crib (back when I thought I was pregnant with one baby girl- so much for mother's intuition). But that was short lived. We soon exchanged it for two smaller cribs. I bought green, white & polka dotted sheets, ironed the crib skirts (yes, Josh thought I was crazy) and my mom made the boys' crib quilts. They are beautiful, full of different textures & if she made one in my size, I know I would want to curl up underneath it!

{rocking chair corner}
The rocking chair was my first "unofficial" Mother's Day gift. I was about 35 weeks pregnant with twins, and while Josh argued that I wasn't technically a mother, he knew better than to risk not getting me a gift! I love that rocking chair and the pillow & blanket I bought for it. I have spent many hours rocking my babies to sleep in that chair.
I love the pictures I have framed there. They are pictures from the Sam McBratney book "Guess How Much I Love You". It's a favorite around here.
I also love the back of the door hanger/organizer. I keep their shoes, socks & washcloths in there. It's super convenient and puts the closet door to good use.

{the armoire}
This houses the boys' onesies & all their hung up clothes. (The closet in their bedroom is full of other household items & inaccessible, so we use this instead.) I think it is super adorable.
I also love the big clock we have in their room. It helps, especially when they are sick, to know the time in case it's time for more meds.

{cd player}
This is our magical sleep potion. The lullaby CD. The boys have fallen asleep to it in the car, at camping, and every nap & bed time since they moved into their own room at 4 months old.
Atop the CD player is Jack's elephant. It's so cute, I just have to have it out.

{the big picture}
Here we have Jack's crib with his two shelves above it. Josh hung two more over Logan's crib so it would match.

{the changing table}
I love the boys' changing table so much. The pad is great, and the organizer is super convenient.

My mom made the boys' curtains for me when I was pregnant. I picked out the ribbon & she sewed them on. I love how they bring the colors of the nursery together.

Josh painted the nursery back when we were not planning on finding out what we were having. The joke was "We're not finding out unless it's twins." hahaha! I love this green, though, so I am glad he painted it.

{Logan Henry}
This was my big project last week. I bought some frames, printed a bunch of GREAT pictures of the boys & redecorated the nursery. I have always loved the boys' nursery. It feels like parenting, it's constantly shifting, changing. As they grow, the nursery grows right along with them.
(Remember, you can click on the pictures to make them bigger. Then you can look at the pics I have framed.)

{Jack Sawyer}
I re-organized their room as well. I packed away some baby things (for our someday-baby #3), sent some along to my sister (due in October with Cousin Tucker) and gave some to Goodwill. Their bedroom is feeling spacious & organized. And honestly, it just makes me smile to walk in and see all those great memories on their shelves.
I hope that every mother has a nursery that makes her as happy as mine does. It's all about making it work for you.
My sister is DYING to get home & get her nursery going. I can't wait to see what she does with her space. It's fun to see new ideas & I am excited for her to pull it all together & love it.


Rox said...
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Rox said...

Wow it looks awesome! I'm thrilled to have Mom make our baby's crib quilt, too. She's talented and such a perfectionist. And they're completely one of a kind!
I decided to hang a long picture rail (from Ikea) on the wall where our baby's crib will go! (High enough to be safely away from little hands!) And put tons of pictures on it in varying sizes. All matted and in black frames. That way I can change them out easily and it'll have a mosaic effect like what you suggested! Thanks for the ideas! I can't wait to see you and your house!

Kori said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE their nursery!
The quilts are gorgeous. They look so cuddly and soft!